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 Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Facts:

  • Available to Individuals, Married Couples, Corporations and Partnerships

  • Known as Liquidation Proceeding

  • Exemptions Available to protect some assets like cars, tools, books, jewelry, firearms and other personal items.

  • Usually recommended for "no assets" clients, where people may have no assets outside of the available exemptions to liquidate.

  • Clients must qualify for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, which is know as Means Test. Clients must be below a certain income threshold ($50,501 for Single, $60,058 for Joint filers).


  • Must Complete Pre- and Post- Filing approved debtor education programs.

  • Automatic Stay will stop Collections, Creditors' Calls and even most Law Suits. 

  • Individuals and Married Couples can discharge most of their debt.

  Additional Debt Relief strategies are available to further help clients with non-dischargeable debt.

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Chapter 7 WILL NOT discharge:

  • Most Tax Obligations 
  • Child and Spousal Support
  • Student Loans
  • Criminal Fines
  • Reaffirmed Debt

Discharge is not available to Partnerships and Corporations


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