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Litvak Legal Group and S. Joseph Litvak, Bankruptcy Lawyer, proudly serves Bucks County for all Bankruptcy and Tax-Related needs.

 Though our extensive experience, we came to understand our clients' needs and are prepared to tackle the most challenging cases and issues.

 Over the years, we represented a wide variety of clientele in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcies and Tax Controversies Cases.

 Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is very helpful to Bucks County Residents with unsecured debt and assets that are all or exempted under the applicable federal exemptions. Bankruptcy Lawyer fild the petitions and schedules and represents the clients in all discharge challenges and other Bankruptcy court proceedings.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy on the other hand is for Bucks County residents who want to retain their real estate of other secured obligation and stop foreclosure or repossessions. Bankruptcy Lawyer helpt the clients to file the papers and propose a Chapter 13 plan that meets their budget needs and overall financial goal.

Litvak Legal Group and S. Joseph Litvak Bankruptcy Lawyer has the education and experience to represent Bucks County clients in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies. S. Joseph Litvak is the Eastern Pa trusted Bankruptcy Lawyer.

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NJ (732) 624-6283

PA (215) 515-7113